I always knew I was going to be in fashion. I might not have always known what it looked like, or how I’d get here, but when you’re lucky enough to figure out what feeds your soul, you know it’s home. 
When I was just a kid, I used to have binders full of designs for all my friends, with outfits planned for each life occasion ahead. I always felt a creative connection to how someone’s wardrobe was a lens into their personality, a window into their everyday life. To this day, I still observe it to be the most honest form of self expression. And, I think it’s safe to say we could all use some more honesty in this life. 
I started Madame Wolf over ten years ago back in 2010. I’ve spent the last decade studying the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry, getting my hands dirty in every corner of what it takes to bring a piece to life- from fueling inspiration, to developing logistics, to curating a final piece and then, the best part, watching it move. 
Madame Wolf was born to inspire women, and people, to be fearlessly confident in themselves- but to prioritize comfort in a badass, simple, chic and modern sort-of way. I mean, that’s the dream, isn’t it? 
I adore flirting with nostalgia. Reminiscing young nights of 25 cent draft beer, neon lights before sunrise and too many street-side hot dog stands along the way to count. Madame Wolf is my spirit animal and truthfully, she reminds me to not take life so f*cking seriously. She’s fearless yet intuitively reckless, she knows who she is and what she wants, she’s simple in a bold, subtle way. 
Something I also fell in love with on this path, a passion and responsibility I feel as a small business owner, has been studying and developing sustainability within my brand. It’s all in the details, communication, strategy, and development- What is it made of? Who is making it? How is it getting here? How will it be packaged? How will it be shipped? How MUCH will I make?! How long will it last? 
I will always prioritize reducing waste and am privileged to have the space to make it a priority with the garments Madame Wolf produces. 
Thank you for being here, for listening to my story and for letting this be a part of yours. 
Welcome to the #WolfPak.
xoxo MW | Jenna